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Taxi Manchester is Manchester’s leading private hire taxi company covering most of Manchester 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

​Our extensive modern fleet of saloon cars, estate vehicles, and minibusses have become a prominent fixture on the roads of Manchester and you can trust that your taxi is never far away no matter where you are.


Taxi Manchester: Leading Taxi Company with an Extensive Fleet

Mobility is crucial in today’s quick world. With Taxi Manchester, you can relax while experts handle all your transportation needs. Located in Manchester, Taxi Manchester aims to provide you with the most efficient, affordable, and comfortable services when it comes to tackling transportation. From a minivan to a sedan and more, we have got it all to help you go places without any of the stress of cabs and taxis.

The best part is, unlike other basic car services out there, you wouldn’t be bombarded with expensive add-ons, hidden fees, or extra costs of any kind. Providing the most comfortable and peaceful services at the rates clearly stated, we are proud owners of one of the most reliable services Taxi Manchester has to offer.

At Taxi Manchester, we are aware of the fact that the transpiration needs can vary from one client to the next. This is why we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. What we have is customized packages depending on the requirements and needs of our customers. With our extensive fleet of modern cars, minibusses, and estate vehicles, transportation is no more a hassle.

Taxi Manchester Services


We have 6-8 seater taxis, so however many is in your group and whatever your needs maybe, we have the right vehicle, or vehicles for you.

Airport Transfers

Whether your off on holiday or on business, make sure your journey starts and ends in comfort and safety with our airport transfers service. Aswell as taking you to the airport, we will pick you up on your return, with the facility to track your flight arrival time.


We also have luxury Minivans for group transport

Hotel en Business

Many hotels and companies already work with Taxi Manchester. Would you like to get acquainted with our professional services? please contact us!

Ride on Account

Companies can also drive on account with us. You will receive an invoice from us at the end of the month


You can pay in various ways such as: cash, online or credit card

Reliable and Professional

Experienced and Dedicated Services

There’s nothing worse than booking a slot with private car companies and ending up getting stood up when you need to be at a particular location. If you are a businessman, you would understand how crucial it is for you to be at your desired location promptly. There is no space for leniency in timings. At Taxi Manchester, we understand the severity of the situation.

Our team consists of skilled and dedicated individuals who have the expertise and the training for the job. From our operators to our drivers, each and every individual is constantly striving to make the lives of our customers convenient and stress-free.

From an extensive fleet of all types of vehicles to the experienced and friendly staff, we cover all our bases. With professionalism, reliability, and highly market competitive rates, you can be trusted to be in safe hands once you book with us.

For Vacationers and Businessman, and the Rest

You might find tons of taxi companies offering their services in Manchester, but none are as reliable or experienced as Taxi Manchester. With committed drivers ready to go, we have to market competitive rates to help you navigate the roads of Manchester without any hurdle. The safest ride in town, we are considered to be one of the most highly acclaimed and reliable private car companies in the area.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a local, a vacationer, or someone out on a business trip. We can accommodate the needs of every one of you out there. You might be a businessman away from home looking for a vehicle temporarily, or you could be a mother of two taking your children out for a fun day. Whatever the case may be, we have round-trip offers and drivers waiting to transport you to and from the location.

Why Choose Us?

Friendly and professional drivers

Taxi Manchester drivers are always friendly, helpful and have extensive experience

Fast and always on time

Taxi is usually within 10 minutes at your door, but you can also book a taxi in advance, so you know for sure that the taxi will be on time


Prices in the taxi industry differ a lot and you usually pay unnecessarily too much. Our rates are transparent

Cash or pay with credit card

You can pay in all our taxis with pin or credit card, of course you can also pay in cash


Fixed PRice To Manchester Airport
Sedan business class
minivan bus
vip directievervoer

Back from vacation? We are also happy to pick you up at Schiphol and transport you safely and comfortably for the same fixed price!


Icon Flight Manchester
Flight Landed

After your flight has landed, call us to let us know. We will then already send a taxi that is nearby to Schiphol.

Luggage Icon
Collect Luggage

After you have collected your luggage and are ready to leave, call us to let us know

Taxi Manchester Airport
Call and Lets Go

Your taxi will be with you within 1 minute!


At Taxi Manchester, we don’t believe in going halfway when offering our clients services. This is why we cater to a huge range of the needs of our clients. From taxi Manchester airport to taxi services, we have got it all.

Taxi Services

Our taxi services include taxis that can be used to transport people to and from different locations. Give us a call, and we will arrive at your desired location to take you and your friends away. With the right type of vehicles and affordable rates, we can make traveling a breeze for you.

Airport Transfer Services

Finding Taxi Manchester Airport transfer services can be quite a challenge. With us, you can get taxi Manchester airport trips that are both reliable and punctual. Heading to the airport for a trip? Make sure you get there on time with us. Or perhaps, you are coming back home; give us a call, and we will be there before your flight lands.

Live Chat Assistance

The worst thing about local service providers is that they are the least bothered to cater to their clients. At Taxi Manchester City Centre, we are available 24/7 through our live chat assistance to help you navigate any trucks you might face or answer any queries that you might have for us. Our

Free WIFI Zone

What’s worse than getting stuck in tax service without having internet access? At Taxi Manchester, we are aware of this dilemma and hence provide a fire Wi-Fi-free zone in our packages. This way, you can move from one place to another while being connected with the world. 

Manchester Airport Pick Up Process

Are you coming back from a vacation or a business trip? Or maybe you are going to the airport for a trip? Give us a call ____ at we will transport you with utmost care and comfort. Take a look down below to see how it works.

Call Upon Landing

Give us a call as soon as your airplane lands. You can also book a time with us beforehand. Once we have your appointment, we will send a taxi to your desired location.

Ready To Go

You can go through the process of landing, gather all your luggage, and our driver will be there waiting for you. Once you have gathered all your belongings, let our staff know, and they will haul it all in the taxi and take you home.


Oure Corporate Clients

Taxi Manchester Airport
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